BIO-COAL!! (Biokull)

This is a video (you don’t need to understand: watch!!) about how to make bio-coal from my fantastic neigboards ,  Anders Nordrum, Maria Nordrum and Barbro Helga Nordrum, and their very interesting site, unfortunatelly only in Norwegian, but use Google translate to translate the whole site. It is worth it!!

I made my own yesterday and its so easy, and my plants will love it!!

50 Ways to use Yarrow

I will borrow this from Nicole!! Check her page which is exceptional =)

50 Ways to Use Yarrow
50 Ways to Use Yarrow - 7
50 Ways to Use Yarrow - Stop Bleeding
50 Ways to Use Yarrow - Insect Repellent

Yarrow is an easy herb to find and something that many herbalists keep in their stockpile. It’s useful for its use in blocking bleeding, toning skin, treating cold and flu, reducing blood pressure, improving circulation, and reducing fevers, among other things. Let’s look at some of the ways to use it.

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The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

Hey there goodfolks!
Today I got out of the blue 3 “The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies” while I already have one!! I contacted the authors, but -just thinking- if one of you wants one, take contact with the authors, give them my name and the case, pay them, and I will send you the book!!
This fantastic book is in soft cover.

We made a softsoap from NaOH!!

One more fantsic cource has ended yesterday with a successfull liter of soap!!
This time it was not a block-soap, the “normal” result when one uses NaOH, but with a soft soap!

The recipe is very very easy:
900 g Olive Oil
342g Distilled water
116 NaOH
…. and you star making the soap as if you are about to make a hard soap.
We continued to cook it towards a “warm process soap” and when it was about 7-8 pH we added approx 160 mg Isoproyl allcohol, this is around 12% of the sum weight of the other ingredients =)

This soft soap can be used as a base for everything like a floorsoap, washing mashine, handsoap, body and hair soap depending on the added ingredients.

In order to make a floorsoap do not superfat it. I also add some lyewaer from my Birchashes – In order to make a shampoo superfat it with 5-10% of an oil you prefere like avocado, almond, wheetgerm, the list is long …. and fragrance or essential oil =)

Use of the lye-water!

This post are some tips for how to use your lye-water! (

As is, undiluted for clogged siphons.
Make a liquid soap! The recipe is quite easy. You use any recipe for KOH soap, add the volume of water to the KOH quantity, and cut the oils in half.
As an all purpose spray. Dilute and add scent if you wish! Perfect detergent for your bathroom, toilet and shower.
As a toilet cleaner. Add xanthan gum for thicker consistence!