Oatmeal and citrus “hotel” minisoap

Pretty much the same recipe as the regular Oatmeal and Citrus soap (https://blog.on-earth.one/recipes-personalcare/soaps/oatcitrus-soap/ ) but in this version I also added coconut oil and castor oil for greater lather!

What makes them “mini” is the diameter of the container. I use a plummer pipe, or use simply toilet paper-roles (the cardboard!!) and attach them to each other with tape, and put a baking paper inside so you can slide the long cylindrical soap easily from inside!!

A perfect solution if you run an AirBnb or simply if you are having guests visiting you! You can contact me if you instead of Oatmeal and citrus you wish simple olive oil or oregano, or the more luxurious Caffe latte soap in mini soap!
What I also can do for you is to print YOUR logo/design to label them =)
Prices will vary though.

You can but them at: https://blog.on-earth.one/product/citrus-and-oats-minisoaps-hotel-and-guest-version/

Buy me!
PRICE: 120 NOK/ Piece