Caffè Latte Deluxe!

Caffe Latte Deloux!

This luxurious creamy smelling soap is made by precious oils and ingredients. With coffee-grounds and coconut-shred which  gives the soap a pealing and massaging effect. With coconut milk, olive oil, castor oil and wonderful argan oil, leaves the skin smooth and moisturized, clean and nourished!

To make this one:
— follow the proceedure of a common cold processed soap. Use olive and arganoil, superfat it with castor oil. Use the lye calculator (
So, add:
— 1/2 cup of organic coffeegrounds
— 1/2 cup of organic coconutshres
— Substitute all or half of the water with fat coconutmilk.
— Make the soap and bring it to the trace, so add some essential oils, I used coffee smell.

Enjoy a Cleopatra bath!!


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PRICE: 120 NOK/ Piece

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