Dandelion Pesto

1 big handful of Dandelion leaves (or a mix of foraged or garden greens)
1 handful or packet of fresh basil leaves
1 cup of walnuts or hazelnuts
1 cup of shelled hempseeds (or pine nuts)
3 tspns of lime or lemon juice
1-2 large cloves of garlic
1 small chili or half a large (optional)
1 teaspn of Sea or Pink Himalayan Salt
1 level tspn kelp powder
1 level tspn seagreen granules
aprox 200mls organic oil, I use a mix of hemp & olive.

Place everything in your food processor (in 2 batches if it’s a small machine)

– chop the garlic and chili first. Blend until nice and smooth but with a nice crunch.

Be ready to add more oil as required to make a nice smooth consistency and to help the blades turn. Use whatever ingredients you prefer or have on hand and change the quantities if you like. Pesto is pretty easy to make out of anything!

Pack the pesto into glass jars leaving a little space at the top. Pour olive oil into this space to seal, this stops it from going mouldy. Store in the fridge. Pesto is best used within a few days for flavour, but will keep if the oil seal has been done properly.

Read all about the properties of Dandelions and see the full article here www.terawarner.com/blog/2012/01/dandelion-wild-edibles/

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