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You need:
A double boiler or similar
Measuring cup with spout
1 Tablespoon wax (plant-derived e.g. soy, candelilla)
3 Tablespoons unrefined oil (almond, olive)
¼ tsp vitamin E oil to extend shelf-life or wheatgerm oil
10-20 drops essential oils (mint, vanilla, rose …. )

Even easier:
2 Tablespoons candelilla wax (about 1 oz)
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
2 Tablespoons shea butter
*Optional: any essential oil(s) for scent

20g Carnauba wax
50-60g Rapeseed oil
5-8 drops Roseabsolute (a very strong and expensive absolute)
1 Vit E capsule

Melt the wax and add the other materials except the essential oils. Stir well then add the vitamin E oil. Remove from the heat and add the essential oils you have have chosen.

If you want some red or other color in the the balm just use a pinch of an old lipstick. You also can boil a chopped read beat in little water, and reduce the amount of water by let it boil more without the beats so more of it will  evaporate.

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