Practical ecology!

 Show how much you love your earth!

Whatever we do it affects and it has an impact one our environment. The same with other species. A wolf as an impact on plant-eating species, plant-eating species have an impact on the vegetation, the loss of vegetation has an main role in erosion etc. So do our cats and dogs have and impact on the environment (a cat does 1 kill (of a smaller animal) a day) and of course: so do our shopping habits!

“On-Earth” is a creative project.
It is about to “saving the world” through art and fun, by small steps, one at the time. Remember, the ocean consists of drops: if each of us does some small things, acts of love for our Home, our Earth, its possible to achieve enormous changes in very short time.
If you don’t work for beauty, you don’t work at all

ON EARTH is linking us with ecology through our everyday life and actions. Ecology is the study of interconnections and relations. How everything on this earth is connected. Practical ecology is how to integrate the theory into practice! As a biologist I know how important it is to limit our use of toxic chemicals for our environment, and for our health and well-being, and for the next generations well-being.

My contribution is by holding introductory courses about Practical Ecology, about food, hot to make all the basic products one needs from scratch, how to reuse!  I make herbal and mineral products like therapeutic herbal salves and soaps, cleaning articles, and fun-soaps and healthy personal care products and cosmetics for birthdays and presents, and I am holding workshop on “how to”.

UNDLI FARM  hosting the project and the its the place I live. It is also hosting various workshops of different (but related) projects like bread making courses, fermentation courses, notching loghouses courses, vegan cheese courses etc! Visit my FB shop! Take a look at the magnitude of stuff one can make, hire me for teaching you how to make them, or take contact about my products if you need advice for making them! All recipes are “Open Source” and I will share all with you! Have fun

MOVIES and DOCUMENTARIES about the Earth

Check this:

An awarded great but also very tough documentary: HOME PROJECT 2009
one of the most beautiful documentaries about the whole issue: us and our world. A must watch. Alternatively on You tube: Though its sometimes a heavy to digest, it is ann eye opener and it will give you a very different perspective and joy for protecting the earth.

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