We made a softsoap from NaOH!!

One more fantsic cource has ended yesterday with a successfull liter of soap!!
This time it was not a block-soap, the “normal” result when one uses NaOH, but with a soft soap!

The recipe is very very easy:
900 g Olive Oil
342g Distilled water
116 NaOH
…. and you star making the soap as if you are about to make a hard soap.
We continued to cook it towards a “warm process soap” and when it was about 7-8 pH we added approx 160 mg Isoproyl allcohol, this is around 12% of the sum weight of the other ingredients =)

This soft soap can be used as a base for everything like a floorsoap, washing mashine, handsoap, body and hair soap depending on the added ingredients.

In order to make a floorsoap do not superfat it. I also add some lyewaer from my Birchashes – In order to make a shampoo superfat it with 5-10% of an oil you prefere like avocado, almond, wheetgerm, the list is long …. and fragrance or essential oil =)

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