Limonelle Acid


This is a very simple, fresh and effective all-round all purpose cleaner, it can be used as:

  • a clothes detergent
  • a balsam for rinsing your hair
  • against bacteria and moulds in the bathroom and walls, doors
  • removes soap residue!
  • removes odours from garbage and sinks,
  • cleans jars and containers,
  • removes limescale,
  • removes stains and spills,
  • when used as fabric softener in the washing machine it decalcifies the machine and
  • gives your clothes back the vibrant colors
  • you can also use it  in a 1/3 mixture with water to get rid of weeds!
  • as an insect repellent!!

This is about a 100% pure, distilled white vinegar, I use the 35% white vinegar essence (not the 7% table vinegar)  and then dilute it if I need to use it for softer uses like on my hair or a skin cleanser..

An this is how I make “Limonelle Acid” in four steps :
1) Organic lemons 2) remove the peel 3) put peel with strong vinegar (30-40%) in a jar (keep the jar for 2-4 weeks in a cold dark place) 4) ready! 5) Use a spray-bottle and play!

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PRICE: 120 NOK/ Litre

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