Muscles and joints!

Thankfully, there are several producers who have rediscovered the healing power of nature. I heartily recommend this salve series because I have tested and approved my self =)
I had a bad nerve injury on my wrist because of overworking  and it was almost impossible to move my hand, when I used the “hot” version of Muskel og ledd, the redone with chili, and the pain dissappered in minutes. I kept on using it (sometimes combined with Pantago ( and the results were astonishing.

The compostision is simple but incredibly effective. With:
Granderwater, Aloevera, Eucalyptus, Xanthan gum, Emulsifier, EDTA, Ricinus, Callendula, Gingerroot, Curcumin, Xanthorhiza extract, Dead sea salt, Avocado oil, Sheabutter, Biowax.

More exiting products at :
The site is in Norwegian but you can translate it through google translate.

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