Well …. 
I am a vegan. Some say it might not be easy being both a vegan and at the same time living close to Offgrid or kindof “prepping” as I do, but I do! Though it would be a lot more easier with cheese or eggs in the menu, but its possible. 

I personally have nothing against eggs from birds which have a meaningful and happy lives, but I have a huge problem killing anybody who has done me nothing, icluding chicken. The reason I dont have hens is because I live the farm some time for weeks and the birds will need attention. Milk is a different case: Cows make milk for their babies, if cows make babies you have to do something with the babies that is either raise and kill them later or give them away, so the cows will have to make new babies etc. Not me cup of tea. I haven’t touched dairy products since  2016 and I am still alive and kicking, my Doc says my bloodtests are perfect, I feel perfect, so I continue. Oat-milk or almond-milk is good, and for more fancy cakes I use coconut. 

This is an apple cake with no eggs or dairy =)

I have a greenhouse which was build by my friend Hans Jacob Peters, and he also tought me how to sow and grow veggies! And last year I had a lot!

Unfortunately I had to freeze them – this year I will ferment!!

The following pictures are just a few of the many I have about vegan and wild food, use them as an inspiration. Everything is possible as long as its done with love and from a conscious mind.


This bread is made with sourdough. I haven’t bought any yeast for a couple of years and still my breads are not only tasty and fluffy, but also with much less gluten (when i use white flour) and the wild yeast also predigests and releases a lot of minerals. As a vegan I should take supplements especially B12, which I also havent bothered to take for at lest 5 years, but still I dont seem to have gone empty: someone told me that it is probably the fact that i eat a lot of fermented foods, and I recently also found some studies which conclude the same =)

Sourdough-bread with stinging nettle seeds =)
My freezer is now full of fantastic mushrooms!!

Mushrooms are as good as meat. Very rich in both proteins and minerals (you know you can buy “Quorn” mushroom-fillets for example!) mushies are also very very important species for both the forest and more open ecosystems because their “roots” are helping plants to reach water and minerals when those are not available in close proximity. Mushrooms are also the Plant-kingdoms internet =)

Well, NO – I dont just eat bread and “grass”, take a look at those pictures!

Those are carrots. You cook them until medium soft and then marinate them in a solution with many interesting spices of your choice – I used onion and garlic, “smoked water”, paprika, salt and pepper. When marination is done you can use them as “Sausages”!!
Spinach pie
Nutritious snack bars with oats and nuts and maltose.
Chocolate cake 😉
Lentil-burgers =)

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