Natural Laundry Detergent


Buying “eco-friendly” laundry detergent is a good option, but they still have quite a lot of “spooky” ingredients…  Just check their ingredient site on the web and google each and one of them. This real eco-friendly, simple homemade detergent I have tested for a very  long time and it works!! It washes well and smells good!


  • Bar Soap (a bought one or a base soap you made!!) – Coconut oil-based soaps are best because of the high lauric acid they contain.
  • Baking Soda (Sodium carbonate)  or washing soda (sodium bicarbonate) – Baking soda is only half as strong as washing soda at softening water and doesn’t allow the cleaning pH to go nearly as high.  Washing soda had pretty much the same effect than borax but is more ecofriendly.
  • Table salt (Sodium chloride)- makes the clothes softer (so you skip a good deal of ironing!) and brightens the colors =)
  • Lemon Essential Oil (or any other essential oil or scent you like) – Lemmon essential oil is a good stain remover and de-greaser. I use “apple” scent.
  • 3 cups washing soda (Here is how to  make your own)
  • 3 cups table salt
  • 350 gr. soap, finely grated
  • Optional – lemon essential oil or any other scent
  • A food processor


  1. Cut soap into small chunks. Grind it like a cheese. Then add to the food processor along with the washing soda and the salt.
  2. Blend until you have a fine powder. Let it settle a bit before adding the scent and give it a couple of more turns!
  3. Pour into a clean container (keep the essential oil next to the jar and add 5 drops with each load)

If you want  a softener:

  • Vinegar or citric acid (as found in  “Limonelle acid”) – As a laundry softener. It dissolves the rest of the detergent if any left and neutralizes the pH. Makes clothes soft and fluffy.

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PRICE: 120 NOK/ 300 gr

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