Living on a farm!

In June in 2016 i moved from Oslo to the countryside. I left my well paid and respected job as a Waldorf teacher and escaped a city no longer “human-friendly”. At least not for me. I felt the stress expanding at all levels: mental stress, physical, intellectual, personal and emotional stress, and of course the electromagnetic stress which in the end made my life a hell. i still visit Oslo if I have to due to courses, demonstrations, visiting friends or just quickly through the Airport, but I try to avoid it at all means. Not only Oslo, all bigger cities and towns. I am electrosentive. I had a strong tendency or call it a sensitivity, the medical term is epilepsy since I was a child, but it bursted the day 4G was turned on. If I get too exposed for EMFs I collapse. Every-time i visit a place with 20 plus WIFI’s, many cellphones around and of course, smart-meters I suffer a lot for as long as a week after I am back home again. So I rather stay here. But its not a curse, my farm is not my jail. It my castle =)
I am sure the pictures following will convince you.

The winters are long and sometimes very cold but I have two really hardworking stoves which keep me warm. This warmth is very different from the “electric” warmth, I guess its because of the infrared radiation but it give the feeling of experiencing a hug.

The springs are shy and take their time, still very wet and cold and often there is still snow lying around in the middle of May 😉

The summers at the mountain are wonderfull but short …

This is the outhouse under the barn. It composts food and feces. .

I developed a lifestyle of partial commercial independence, that is I buy very very little things at the shop, especially detergents or cosmetics of all kinds, less and less food cause i either grow it, gather it, or buy from local farmers, but essential oils and other raw materials like flower, coffee, sugar (and chocolate!!) I am still depended on other producers. Also oil, nuts, salt and spices…

I use “sustainable” renewable sources like wood for warmth – the very same wood which gives warmth can at the same time bake, cook and boil 3 types of water like water for the washing machine in the cellar, shower-water and water in the radiators, plus warming up an iron and run a distillator 😉

Mowing and lawn care in the autumn is a lot of work but its at the same time a deep meditation =) The grass is then selected at the edges of the farm where in the coming summer is use as potato-fields !!

Great help from my fantastic friend!

I not only make the most important products for cleaning, natural medicine or cosmetics, I sell them in markets and I teach people how to make them! All of my recipes are shared for free in this blog <3 Check my “Action” session to see which courses are planned =)

If you feel that I can inspire you or teach you something, take contact for a course, a workshop or a seminar, or just for a chat or a cup of coffee =)