Oatmeal and citrus soap!

Oatmeal and citrus soap

This soap is again based on a innocent castile  Base soap recipe.
I use to make castile soaps in large batches and then grate them up and give them forms, fragrances and colors!

To make this one:
— 1Kg of grated premade or bought soap
— 1-2 cups of organic oatmeal
— 1 cup of oat-milk
— grated peel of 4 lemons, grapefruits, mandarins or oranges
— use some citrus essential oil too to make the smell longer lasting =)

Oatmeal and milk make this soap super smooth and the citrus makes it energizing. The oatmeal has also a massaging/peeling properties!

Buy me!
PRICE: 120 NOK/ Piece

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