Shaving soap+cream!

I just got the feedback for my very first customized shaving soap! I also made a shaving cream which I used for my self and I was very satisfied!

Whats different between a soap for washing and a shaving soap are the ingredients. In shaving soaps you need more castor oil and probably some palm oil (because of the Stearic acid) but I used only stearic acid and no palm oil.

The result was nice, and the smell even nicer! The customer got also a label with his name on the soap! The containers are upcycled.

Order yours now!!
Price: 150.- for 130gr Label with your name included =)


Fresh and upgraded!
Laurèl, Laurus Nobilis, an important medicinal herb.

If you have trouble with acne, wrinkles, body odor, dandruff, lice, fungi, piles, joint pain, wounds, stress, rheumatism. There are even studies that evaluate the use of Laurel Bay as a therapy for skin cancer (Melanoma), check

Only 150,- NOK


New product!!

Organic coffee / coconutbutter bodyscrub.
With vanilla, cinnamon and almond oil. Leaves your body soft, revitalized and stimulated!

Fairy touch hands-cream!

Soapmakers like me have often this problem: dry hands. If on top of it you are into a lot of cleaning and fixing things home, you imagine what the effects on your hands can be … After a visit from a friend with the same problem, I decided to experiment a bit with different combinations of oils, butter and essentials, because I was not completely satisfied with only oilive oil/coconut oil combi. The result is a gorgeous smelling rich cream full of healing and nourishing ingredients with incredible results!

Lime deodorant!

Here i s a  trick which I am very happy that I found: I juice one or two whole likes – that is: with seeds and peels, save the juce in a amber container and add some colloidal silver for prolonging the shelllife =)

Check out this video!


1. Do not sunbathe after application, citrus fruits have psoralen ( ( which makes the skin photosensitive, might get a sunburn!
2. Do not use on freshly shaved armpits!! Au!
3. Let dry before you put clothes on.

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