“Hotel” Soaps!!

Lately, I experienced a huge interest in small soaps such as the one you can use in hotels, hostels etc, “one-time” soaps! So I constructed them! I had no problem to get those out in the market in zero time!

You dont have to have a hotel to purchase those! You have probably guests visiting your home and you can impress them with a tiny lovely handmade soap, right!

For the time being I have only the Oatmeal-Citrus soaps in store, but I can make any variety you want me to, just say it! Prices will vary.

You can off-course make your own!! And I will share the secrets with you =)

Purchase at https://blog.on-earth.one/product/citrus-and-oats-minisoaps-hotel-and-guest-version/

…and read how to make them at: https://blog.on-earth.one/oatmeal-and-citrus-hotel-minisoap/

Shaving soap+cream!

I just got the feedback for my very first customized shaving soap! I also made a shaving cream which I used for my self and I was very satisfied!

Whats different between a soap for washing and a shaving soap are the ingredients. In shaving soaps you need more castor oil and probably some palm oil (because of the Stearic acid) but I used only stearic acid and no palm oil.

The result was nice, and the smell even nicer! The customer got also a label with his name on the soap! The containers are upcycled.

Order yours now!!
Price: 150.- for 130gr Label with your name included =)

Carcinogenic cosmetic for children!!!

Please folks, read LABELS!!! If you cant pronounce it, dont buy it!

Just bought a “natural soap” which ingredients in EWS’s list are classified as “moderate hazard. WHY? why cant a producer just use normal – easy to pronounce and understand- ingredients?? The answer is money. Money which in the end destroys avery principle of goodness and care.
Yes. Those products are cheaper. But at what cost…..
Remember. Cancer is expensive and often deadly.

Propylene glycol is antifreeze!!! WHY?

More than 8,000 personal care products in EWG’s Skin Deep® cosmetics database include ingredients produced through ethoxylation, including polyethylene, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and ceteareth. Of those, more than 200 are marketed to children and infants, EWG found.


See through soaps!

I have finally made some beautiful glycerin soaps, transparent and ready to melt and pour! Soon I will have the recipe and the procedure posted!
The dark on (because of dark syrup in the ingredients instead of white sugar) I transformed into a shampoo-bar superfated with olive oil, tea tree ess. oil and lemongrass ess. oil. I have never ever enjoyed shampooing so much before =)))


Fresh and upgraded!
Laurèl, Laurus Nobilis, an important medicinal herb.

If you have trouble with acne, wrinkles, body odor, dandruff, lice, fungi, piles, joint pain, wounds, stress, rheumatism. There are even studies that evaluate the use of Laurel Bay as a therapy for skin cancer (Melanoma), check https://scholar.google.no/scholar?q=laurus+nobilis+melanoma&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart

Only 150,- NOK
at https://blog.on-earth.one/product/laurel/

Triclosan is everywhere, read labels!

The time has come to wash our hands of triclosan and other unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals for good.   

Triclosan and other antimicrobials, added to many soaps and other everyday products – and found in the bodies of more than three-fourths of Americans – likely harm people’s health and the environment, while providing no benefit to consumers, said more than 200 scientists and medical professionals in a consensus statement published today.

The statement in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives, coauthored by EWG, recommends an end to the indiscriminate and widespread use of triclosan, triclocarban and other antimicrobial chemicals in cosmetics and consumer products.

Triclosan in people

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Triclosan, a powerful pesticide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, may cause changes in the human hormone system, harming reproduction and development. Recent studies also show that higher triclosan levels in people are linked to increased sensitivity to allergens.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has detected triclosan in the bodies of more than 75 percent of Americans tested. In a study of teenage girls, EWG found triclosan in urine samples collected from all 20 subjects. This widespread exposure is likely due to the chemical’s ubiquitous use in cosmetics and consumer products.

EWG and the scientists who signed the statement believe antimicrobials should only be used if adequate testing shows that they are safe and they have been proven effective for particular uses. Scientists are concerned that widespread use of antimicrobials in consumer products could contribute to growing antibiotic resistance and make the vital medical uses of antimicrobials ineffective.

Where is triclosan found?

2008 EWG investigation found that the EPA had approved 20 triclosan mixtures from 11 manufacturers for use in products as diverse as undergarments and building materials. Encouragingly, our review last month of current EPA files found that many triclosan registrations have either been voluntarily cancelled, cancelled for certain applications or have pending cancellation requests from the manufacturers themselves. Although the market has shifted, EWG identified numerous manufacturers and EPA-approved uses that allow triclosan to remain in a staggering assortment of products.

EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database shows that triclosan can be found in:

  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Lotions
  • Toothpastes
  • Deodorants
  • Shaving products

More at….


The ancient Tibetan garlic tincture is here!

The ancient Tibetan garlic tincture is again in production! I will have some fresh in 10 days again so hurry and order! Homemade, with naturally organic grown garlic – although the summer cursed us with a drought!!
I used 60° Vodca for the tincture. The instructions and the details of that miracle tincture you will find at:


Remember this one is so powerful you have to wait at least 2,5-3 years until you repeat it again. I used it in 2008 in combination with homemade turmeric capsules, when I felt a tumor growing and growing and only becoming more and more painful, so I couldn’t sleep anymore. I don’t know if it was in fact a cancer or something else because i never made a biopsy, the thing is that in 30 days it was completely away.

I just share my story, but ask your physician for a advice regarding your treatment, or just follow your heart, your choice 😉