More and more people find out how curing and giving it is to work with plants and soil. Those who have the opportunity get themselves also involved with chicken and other animals, for food or for love. Chicken, ducks and geese er very good fertilizers and soil cleaners, they eat of insects and other intruders so you have a problem less to think about.And they give you eggs! So the two last fly off and come again and visit you next year so ducks and geese are more sustainable and energy effective! Urban farming is a pretty new trend that gets everyday more enthusiastic people involved in a job which is pure love. This food tastes also better! Horses and cows are both good fertilizers and very generous souls, inspiring and healing, but they need more care and they eat more food during the winter months and my winter here in Mid-Norway is quite long.
When I lived in the city I was so little inspired because the city had such a dramatic effect on me (I am both oversensitive and electrosensitive), so one day I just packed my stuff and bought a farm quite far from the “civilization”.
It has been almost a year now. The first summer I was just getting to know the place, memorize all the smells and sounds and say Hello to the creatures around me. This year with a little help of good friends I going to do some intense gardening and I am looking forward to.
Did you know by the way that there’s a natural antidepressant in soil? Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has indeed been found to have antidepressive effects like Prozak and it stimulates serotonin production! So for those of you who are “senior-gardeners” please some with tips and comments!

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