Baking soda creamy deodorant  

This is a very simple and very effective deodorant recipe without a  antiperspirant effect. This is important because we people sweat to get rid of unwanted substances and toxins in our body. By blocking this you can become seriously ill.  I used this deo in Africa and during hard work, and it works!!

Here it is:

You simply put all of the ingredients into a benmari or a double boiler and warm the ingredient until everything has melted and combined and stir.  Don’t put the Vitamin E Tablets or the Essential Oil though yet. When everything is one I added the Vitamin E and essential oils, poured it into the half pint jar and let it sit overnight.

You may have an issue with itching so HERE is alternative deodorant.


Follow the same melting procedure as above.

And another one baking soda-free from “The everything and  soap blog”.

Lime liquid deodorant

This one has become my very favorite!

1. You smash/quizen or just juice two whole limes with their seeds and peel, and collect the juice
2. You keep the juice in a dark jar in your bathroom or in the fridge (cold temperatures extend the life).
3. Use a cottonpad to apply to your armpits.


1. Do not sunbathe after application, citrus fruits have psoralen ( ( which makes the skin photosensitive, might get a sunburn!
2. Do not use on freshly shaved armpits!! Au!
3. Let dry before you put clothes on.


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