“Hotel” Soaps!!

Lately, I experienced a huge interest in small soaps such as the one you can use in hotels, hostels etc, “one-time” soaps! So I constructed them! I had no problem to get those out in the market in zero time!

You dont have to have a hotel to purchase those! You have probably guests visiting your home and you can impress them with a tiny lovely handmade soap, right!

For the time being I have only the Oatmeal-Citrus soaps in store, but I can make any variety you want me to, just say it! Prices will vary.

You can off-course make your own!! And I will share the secrets with you =)

Purchase at https://blog.on-earth.one/product/citrus-and-oats-minisoaps-hotel-and-guest-version/

…and read how to make them at: https://blog.on-earth.one/oatmeal-and-citrus-hotel-minisoap/

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