Undli has an Epla-shop!

Undli is my farm and the place where all ideas and inspirations are sprouting from! Its is also an idealistic organisation and a foundation and the crandle of On-Earth (https://blog.on-earth.one/about-on-earth/) Epla.no is something like Etsy.com!
Since the winters are long and I have to use my time not -only- on my computer and I need to do something else with my hands than just typing, I crochet some rugs!! So, and because I liked it and I am going to make more but I cant fill my home with those, I sell them!

Visit: https://www.epla.no/shops/undli/
The shop is in Norwegian, but you can easily translate it to the language of your prefference with google translate (https://www.dummies.com/education/internet-basics/how-to-translate-a-website-with-google-translate/) =)

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