Craftsman soap!


Base soap of a mixture of olive oil, coffee grounds. Nothing else!
Use it to scrub away petrol, grease and soot from working with your car, your boat, ovens and other dirt =)

Good in the kitchen too when you are working with smells from onions or garlic! Biodegradable as all my other soaps, earth organisms love it!

If you want to use a soap for massage in the shower, use the smoother Lady-version (Caffe Latte soap) instead which is superfated with castor oil and rich in coconut milk and other precious oils and has less coffegrounds and more coffee-scent!!

HOW TO MAKE IT:  I will post some picture when I make the new bach. Until them, the easiest way follow the same recipe as in oregano, that is: use a premade soap and grind it up and ad for a liter of soap/half a filter (approx a cup) of used (or unused grounds!)

Buy me!
PRICE: 120 NOK/ Piece

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