A soap especially made for HIM! With  a deep earthy gentle scent and ingredients like Vetiver and Lavender essential oil which are if not the greatest weapon against stress, anger, anxiety, exhaustion, focus concentration and insomnia. A deep earthy gentle scent. It will strengthen your self esteem and vigor.

How to make it:

For a batch of 1L I used 30 drops Vetiver ess. oil and 30 drops Lavender ess. oil. I also added Glycerin.

I used food coloring and blended inn yellow, blue and green in the very end. You divide the liquid soap in 3 parts in 3 diferent glass jars and give them the color you want . So, you make layers with the colors (Use this technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhyJhR5Sdjc)

Read more about vetiver: https://draxe.com/vetiver-oil/



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