Lye-water from my ashes!!

Its a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it one more try to make my own KOH (Kalium Hydroxide) water to use it for making soap or cleaning.
So you can see the procedure:
(Utensils: only stainless steel pots and spoons, soft water from rain, snow or distilled, ashes from hardwood, filters, googles, gloves. )

is is a weak lye solution.
Boil it up to a strong lye solution, by boiling it to the 1/4 of its volume. Your solution is ready when small white crystals form in the bottom of your pot. Wear googles!!! And gloves!!
Store in well-labeled glass bottles, and keep somewhere dark and chill.

Check for tips of using your lye-water!!

Undli has an Epla-shop!

Undli is my farm and the place where all ideas and inspirations are sprouting from! Its is also an idealistic organisation and a foundation and the crandle of On-Earth ( is something like!
Since the winters are long and I have to use my time not -only- on my computer and I need to do something else with my hands than just typing, I crochet some rugs!! So, and because I liked it and I am going to make more but I cant fill my home with those, I sell them!

The shop is in Norwegian, but you can easily translate it to the language of your prefference with google translate ( =)