Use of the lye-water!

This post are some tips for how to use your lye-water! (

As is, undiluted for clogged siphons.
Make a liquid soap! The recipe is quite easy. You use any recipe for KOH soap, add the volume of water to the KOH quantity, and cut the oils in half.
As an all purpose spray. Dilute and add scent if you wish! Perfect detergent for your bathroom, toilet and shower.
As a toilet cleaner. Add xanthan gum for thicker consistence!

Lye-water from my ashes!!

Its a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it one more try to make my own KOH (Kalium Hydroxide) water to use it for making soap or cleaning.
So you can see the procedure:
(Utensils: only stainless steel pots and spoons, soft water from rain, snow or distilled, ashes from hardwood, filters, googles, gloves. )

is is a weak lye solution.
Boil it up to a strong lye solution, by boiling it to the 1/4 of its volume. Your solution is ready when small white crystals form in the bottom of your pot. Wear googles!!! And gloves!!
Store in well-labeled glass bottles, and keep somewhere dark and chill.

Check for tips of using your lye-water!!