Base coconut soap!

kr 350,00

The same principal as the base olive soap, only that this soap is more intense in cleaning in compare to the milder olive soap. Best to use on surfaces that on your body, not that it will dry your skin but such deep cleaning is usually not necessary, unless you come from a week of hardworking in the field!


What is the point of a homemade base soap? Well, some people have allergies and cant stand scents or colors, some like it simple =) this soap can be grounded up and you can make another scented or colored soap out of it, add for a gift or anything else. Its the base of almost all soaps and all soapy detergents, depending of cource on the oils you have made it of and the superfatting degree.  I make the soap, place it into a very simple container like for example a milk carton and the result  base soap looks very simple until you form scent or color it!

Coconut soap is best for heavier cleaning like laundry and floors.

500gr= 350NOK

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Weight 1000 g


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