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Laurèl, Laurus Nobilis, an important medicinal herb.

If you have trouble with acne, wrinkles, body odor, dandruff, lice, fungi, piles, joint pain, wounds, stress, rheumatism. There are even studies that evaluate the use of Laurel Bay as a therapy for skin cancer (Melanoma), check

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The ancient Tibetan garlic tincture is here!

The ancient Tibetan garlic tincture is again in production! I will have some fresh in 10 days again so hurry and order! Homemade, with naturally organic grown garlic – although the summer cursed us with a drought!!
I used 60° Vodca for the tincture. The instructions and the details of that miracle tincture you will find at:

Remember this one is so powerful you have to wait at least 2,5-3 years until you repeat it again. I used it in 2008 in combination with homemade turmeric capsules, when I felt a tumor growing and growing and only becoming more and more painful, so I couldn’t sleep anymore. I don’t know if it was in fact a cancer or something else because i never made a biopsy, the thing is that in 30 days it was completely away.

I just share my story, but ask your physician for a advice regarding your treatment, or just follow your heart, your choice 😉