Herbal soaps!

Herbal soaps!

Oregano Soap
Linden Tree Flower Soap
Bay Laurel Soap

There are more sides to herbal soaps than just their smell!
Well, gotta know that the skin is our largest organ! The same way your stomach takes up medication, the “pill”, or nicotine to stop smoking – except the lack of enzymes-  the skin does pretty much the same. It takes up good thing and bad things from our environment, chemicals, medication, healing substances, it moves toxins out of its pores, it is the first defense of our immune system using millions of nice bacteria which are taking up this ecospace, the skin, so no harmful microorganisms can attach.

So first of all: do not shower like crazy. Not only its unnecessary, but it can harm you, by removing the “good guys” and our body oils. Do not use antibacterial soap or such. Soaps like herbal soaps have an antiseptic effect, but they are neither antibiotic nor strong antimicrobial like chlorine.  Besides our bodies and our natural skinflora is used to herbs, but not to the new chemistry.

Herbal soap are a bit like herbal teas. Their effect is entering the body through a different pathway, and is less adverse and slower. Those soap may also chelate toxins and chemicals which are bound to the fat under the skin and trapped there. If the herb the soap is made of has a calming effect as a decoction or a tea, expect the same with a good shower.

I use usual kitchen and tea herbs for my soap, because some herbs can be too strong and  one needs medical advice for the use of them, but you can experiment. Though ask your physician first, a botanist or read and research a lot before you play.

You can make herbal soaps by:
–boiling them in water and use the water in the lye solution
— making a oil of the plant desired parts. Check: (http://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/dandelion-oil-for-arthritis-and-joint-pain-relief/)
— Use a bought essential oil


Have fun!

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