Base soap



What is the point of a homemade base soap? Well, some people have allergies and cant stand scents or colors, some like it simple =) this soap can be grounded up and you can make another scented or colored soap out of it, add for a gift or anything else. Its the base of almost all soaps and all soapy detergents, depending of cource on the oils you have made it of and the superfatting degree.  I make the soap, place it into a very simple container like for example a milk carton and the result  base soap looks very simple until you form scent or color it!

There are 4 methods to make soap and you can find them here. I am usually talking about the “cold process” and “rebatch/melt and pour” method.

What is a base soap (a basic soap recipe)?
It is the recipe which by only small changes and supplements you make all the others!!

Most basic recipes on the net and soap books include: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, which makes things a bit more complicated for fresh soapmakers. Here is one

Due to the coconut oil properties the coconut soap is more cleansing (useful to consult the soap calculator)
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