Plantago salve


A “masterplant”, plantago major/plantago lanceolata, or plantain in plain  English, groblad in Nowegian and Wegerich in German.

This is a wonderful weed, which heals at least 10 serious ailments. I have made many people happy with that salve, and I hope there will be many more =)
This plant you can find almost everywhere, especially where there are a lot of people. The indigenous people of North America call it “the white-mans foot” because the seed stick on the shoe-soles and so we spread them. There is a certain logic in finding find the plant whereever you find humans, since it is so useful for us.

My salve is very simple, though very powerful.


— 750 ml of either organic raw coconut oil, or 750ml-1L organic olive oil in a jar
— Warm up the oil to 42 C.
— 750 ml chopped, washed and air dried plant material. Use scissors and not a blender.
— Add the chopped plant to the warm oil and keep it up to this temperature for 24-48 hours. You do this by either putting it into the oven on low temp or a double boiler, or in the sun if you live in a warm country =)
— After 48h fish out the plant material and compost. You can also eat it! Its good for stomach-sores and is full of minerals.
— Keep the oil now in a cool place and apply on:

Plantago major – Groblad
  1. Sores
  2. Alergies
  3. Itching places
  4. Fungal, bacterial and yeast infections
  5. Skin rashes
  6. Eczema
  7. Muscle pain, pain in general
  8. Bruises
  9. Tenonditis
  10. Inflammations
  11. Bites and stings
  12. Bleeding (stopping)
  13. Skin infections
  14. Allergic rinitis
  15. Heavy mucus
  16. Infectious ailments related to the respiratory, urinary, and digestive tracts
  17. Eye infections
  18. For heavy tired feet – some leaves in your shoes!

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