Herbal tinctures!


A herbal tincture is an alcoholic solution of the part of the plant you which you want  its water-soluble substances. It can be stems, leaves,  flowers or roots. I’ll start with a very old one. A Tibetan monastery garlic tincture.

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Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Garlic Tincture

Garlic Tincture

  • clean and rinse 350 grams (12 ounces) of garlic (organic one),
  • mash it well in a mortar with pestle made of wood or clay, or if you don’t have mortar, chop it in small pieces,
  • put the mixture of mashed garlic and 3 ounces of alcohol (90%) in one tightly closed container (jar),
  • keep it like that for 10 days in cool place,
  • after 10 days, strain the tincture of garlic trough a fine sloth and squeeze the rest.

In two or three days, after you prepared the Tibetan garlic cure, you can begin the therapy, taking that tincture with 1/2 cup of  milk that is at room temperature, according to the scheme that is in following text.

TIBETAN GARLIC CURE SCHEME: -after each meal you have during the day, drink the milk in which u dropped the amount of garlic cure drops by following the scheme given in the next table. After reaching the amount of 25 drops per meal, continue with that amount of drops per meal until you finish whole tincture. You can use that cure again after 2-5 years!


The garlic tincture is said to:
-clean your body from bad fatty acids
-remove gallstones
-enhance metabolism
-restore body weight
-dissolve blood clots
-heal the heart muscle
-lower blood pressure
-cure arteriosclerosis, sinusitis, thrombosis, headache, hemorrhoids, arthritis…
-dissolve tumors
-stabilize hormones
-be good for diabetics, insomniacs, nervous or anxious people
-cleanses parasites

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