Fairy touch!

Fairy touch!

Soapmakers like me have often this problem: dry hands. If on top of it you are into a lot of cleaning and fixing things home, you imagine what the effects on your hands can be … After a visit from a friend with the same problem, I decided to experiment a bit with different combinations of oils, butter and essentials, because I was not completely satisfied with only oilive oil/coconut oil combi. The result is a gorgeous smelling rich cream full of healing and nourishing ingredients with incredible results!

INGREDIENTS: Coconut butter, Cacao butter, Shea butter, Aloevera gel, Myrrh essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Rose absolute, Ag+

You need:
71 ml coconut oil
35 ml each shea and cocoa butter
1 tbsp aloe vera gel or juice
5-10 drops of essential oils
1 tbsp colloidal silver as a preservative (you can drop it but then keep your cream in the fridge)
Vitamine E (Two capsules)

Over low heat, in a double broiler, melt coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter. Remove from heat and cool a bit. I used cold water in a bowl to cool it down. Add aloe vera, colloidal silver  and essential oils. Mix well. Store in an airtight

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