Gift packs and bundles!

The SOAP collection:
– Pick 4 soaps from any of my soaps!
– You will get delivered everything in a small basket with a handmade washcloth!
Buy me! NOK 450


The BEAUTY collection:
COMBI  1: Shower treasure + Detox bathsalts + Silver morning creme
COMBI  2: Detox bathsalts + Cellulite Eraser + Makeup remover
COMBI 3: Silver morning (cream, serum or oil) + Cellulite Eraser
Buy me! NOK 650


The HEALTH, BEAUTY and SOAP collection:
– One soap (you pick the one you like)
– One Silver morning (creme, oil or serum)
– To remedies: a) Plantago salve+plantago tincture/oil or b) Pantago and one therapeutic blend.
Buy me! NOK 590


The HEALTH collection
– One plantago (salve or  tincture/oil)
– a 250ml Colloidal Silver bottle or a set wit a gel and spray bottle with CS.
– One therapeutic blend
Buy me! NOK 590

Send me an email if you have questions and to complete your selections at your order at =)

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