Colloidal silver 15ppm 50ml spray bottle

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Colloidal silver is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungoral.
I use CS to preserve food like opened cheeses, milks, everything that can attract mugs, in many of my products since all other preservatives have been shown in many cases to be linked to cancer (permabens etc), I use it to disinfect surfaces, and many diseases like:
Running nose, Eye infection, Genital fungi/bacteria, External hemorrhoids, Athletes foot Eczema Bruises Itching (Allergy), Tendonditis, Skin rash/fungus, Urinary tract infection, Blood poisoning (Cow), Vaginal itches, Malaria (my own case and my uncle).

How to use:
Silver is become oxidized after a while. Do not use anything metallic with CS like a metal spoon, only plastic or glass. The ions will react with the metal and the solution will become useless. The same with salts.
The solution is photosensitive. Keep in darkness.
Not reactive to oils.

– Take 3 or more doses of a tablespoon-full with silver, keep under your tongue for 3 minutes, swallow.
– Spray the surface or apply the gel where you want to disinfect or accelerate the healing (wounds, burns, etc)

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