This glycerin soap is transparent because of the use of white sugar (its an important ingredient to the transparency). It is without scent or anything else than the ingredients that make a soap!

The recipe i used is this:

• 234 g Cocoa butter
• 216 g Castor oil
• 188 g Coconut
• 180 g Palm
• 82 g Babassu
• 270 Coconut oil instead of Babassu
• + 180 Cocoa oil instead of Palm oil + 4.5g stearic acid
• 216g Castor oil

or test

• 450 Coconut oil
• 216g Castor oil
• 360 g Alchool 94% (2 cups – 500 ml)
• 135 g Glycerine
The Sugar syrup :
• 225 g Sugar
• 153 g water

I used the version with only coconut oil and castor oil.

• Heat the oils in the crockpot to 113F (45 C)
• When lye and water reaches 113 F (45 C), add them to the oils
• Mix until you reach « apple sauce» stage
• Then add glycerine. Mix well and cook until it reaches 131F (55C). You will the have “mashed potato” stage.
• Add alcohol, little by little, to avoid splashing. It will slowly become transparent. Cook until it reaches 158 F (70 C)
• prepare you sugar syrup in the microwave or stove top being careful not to change the colour of the solution. It must be the same temperature than the soaps, 158 F (70 C)
• Keep it cooking making sure the temperature stays at 158 F for 15 to 20 minutes (to evaporate water). There will be a film forming on the surface. Simply spray with isapropyl alchool .
• Add fragrance and color

You can use any other colored or darker syrup so your soap will become darker =)

Both soaps are remeltable (melt and pour)!! So you can melt them, add ingredients and reshape them!! I made a fantastic shampoobar with Teetrea and Lemongrass and a bit of olive oil. Its a dream, the Loofah ( is a remelted glycerine soap with Orange and May Chang =)

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