The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

Hey there goodfolks!
Today I got out of the blue 3 “The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies” while I already have one!! I contacted the authors, but -just thinking- if one of you wants one, take contact with the authors, give them my name and the case, pay them, and I will send you the book!!
This fantastic book is in soft cover.

We made a softsoap from NaOH!!

One more fantsic cource has ended yesterday with a successfull liter of soap!!
This time it was not a block-soap, the “normal” result when one uses NaOH, but with a soft soap!

The recipe is very very easy:
900 g Olive Oil
342g Distilled water
116 NaOH
…. and you star making the soap as if you are about to make a hard soap.
We continued to cook it towards a “warm process soap” and when it was about 7-8 pH we added approx 160 mg Isoproyl allcohol, this is around 12% of the sum weight of the other ingredients =)

This soft soap can be used as a base for everything like a floorsoap, washing mashine, handsoap, body and hair soap depending on the added ingredients.

In order to make a floorsoap do not superfat it. I also add some lyewaer from my Birchashes – In order to make a shampoo superfat it with 5-10% of an oil you prefere like avocado, almond, wheetgerm, the list is long …. and fragrance or essential oil =)


On-Earth is a part of “Undli kurs- og kulturgård” which means: Undli (the name of my farm) course- and culture-farm. Undli kurs- og kulturgård is a NGO, an organisation which has its target on preserving and protecting old ways and technologies of living, cultivating and crafting. Those old ways which have have been proven to be kind for both for the environment and people, non-pollutant, ecofriendy and stable. We are a small but very focused and inspired group of people working to practice knowledge around the term “Kind-living” and we organize workshops, seminars, tours and visits to promote our faith to the fact that kindliving, that is respecting the Earth and all of her creatures does not have to be old-fashioned or exhausting, style-less and without fun. Like a bee collects the best from one flower to fly to the next to do the same, this way we collect and accept the best ideas and ways of every epoch to combine it in a loving artwork. Undli is an idealistic association with the organisation registration number 918 971 548. Our aim is not to gather as many members as possible and we are mainly self-financed but we welcome donations. Nevertheless, as a member you become a cell in an organism and you benefit from free participation in courses and affordable renting of rooms at Undli if you want to arrange your own course or simply rent a room for accommodation =) You can contact us at any time for tips and advice, which we share with pleasure!
We would love to welcome as a Member, you are important =)

Download the form ad send it to =)

Undli -kurs og kulturgård er en idealistisk forening registrert i enhetsregisteret med organisasjonsnummer 918 971 548. Undli’s formål er å arrangere kurs, seminarer ogandre former for møter, som vil fokusere på å fremme gamle og alternative håndverksteknikker, kunnskap om dyrking og høsting, konservering samt kunnskap om bærekraftig bruk (nytte) og sameksistens med naturen. Vi beveger oss i felt som permakultur, bygningsvern, beredskaps-hager, offgrid mm. og har fokus på det lokale og det regionale. Undli er en organisasjon som ikke har som mål å samle mest mulig medlemmer og er i hovedsak selvfinansiert. Likevel som medlem blir du en celle i en organisme og du får nytte av gratis deltakelse på kurs og rimelig leie av rom og lokaler hos Undli, hvis du skal arrangere selv kurs eller rett og slet bare leie et rom for overnatting. Du kan når som helst ta kontakt for tips og råd, som vi deler med glede!Hjertelig velkommen som Medlem, du er viktig =)

Use of the lye-water!

This post are some tips for how to use your lye-water! (

As is, undiluted for clogged siphons.
Make a liquid soap! The recipe is quite easy. You use any recipe for KOH soap, add the volume of water to the KOH quantity, and cut the oils in half.
As an all purpose spray. Dilute and add scent if you wish! Perfect detergent for your bathroom, toilet and shower.
As a toilet cleaner. Add xanthan gum for thicker consistence!

Lye-water from my ashes!!

Its a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it one more try to make my own KOH (Kalium Hydroxide) water to use it for making soap or cleaning.
So you can see the procedure:
(Utensils: only stainless steel pots and spoons, soft water from rain, snow or distilled, ashes from hardwood, filters, googles, gloves. )

is is a weak lye solution.
Boil it up to a strong lye solution, by boiling it to the 1/4 of its volume. Your solution is ready when small white crystals form in the bottom of your pot. Wear googles!!! And gloves!!
Store in well-labeled glass bottles, and keep somewhere dark and chill.

Check for tips of using your lye-water!!

“Hotel” Soaps!!

Lately, I experienced a huge interest in small soaps such as the one you can use in hotels, hostels etc, “one-time” soaps! So I constructed them! I had no problem to get those out in the market in zero time!

You dont have to have a hotel to purchase those! You have probably guests visiting your home and you can impress them with a tiny lovely handmade soap, right!

For the time being I have only the Oatmeal-Citrus soaps in store, but I can make any variety you want me to, just say it! Prices will vary.

You can off-course make your own!! And I will share the secrets with you =)

Purchase at

…and read how to make them at: