“On Earth” is an idealistic act with a primary purpose to inform and make it fun to be sustainable and kind to our One and Only planet! This blog is an extension of my homepage but is also a stand alone. Both sites are dedicated to the environment, nature, to  health, and to beauty. What is beautiful is also right. Here I want to share my knowledge and my joy of making things. Products which are both healthier (for you, your unborn child and your future generations genes), your -and my environment, and the other earthlings, big and small. The chemical destruction of our Earth is neither beautiful, right or beneficial for any of the earthlings including us humans. What happened to me you might think? How an average – though very curious human being turned into a soap/remedy/cosmetic cook? Well… everything happened when I became a student. I stat suddenly there. Without money to buy almost anything. Just enough for the room rent… But I still couldn’t give up eyeliner, moisturizer, shampoo, something to wash my clothes…etc. So I decided to make things from scrach, from bread and soymilk to everything else! I was lucky enough to be studying biology (later:Ecology) and so I had a basic savvy of chemistry and such, and so it started!