The KOH (kalium-hydroxide) “problem” solved!

I shared already my concerns for the difficulty finding KOH while NaOH you find so easy… Unfortunately I have only ashes from softwoods so I cant make my own KOH, irritating… So,  while I am waiting for my 6kg KOH  from Germany, for making soft-soap, and I am not even sure if I am allowed as a private person to imports such things, I found today at a grocery what we call in Norway “avløpsåpner”, a drain-opener. And guess what? Its 40-60% KOH, the rest is water and nothing else!!!
So I ran and made a softsoap with oliveoil and coconutoil , and now its “cooking”, meaning I am spreading up the curing process by making a hot process soap.
This soap is going to be a beautiful shampoo =)
Use Vit E to extend its best before!!

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