A brilliant bio-film remover, antimicrobial agent, MMS which is sodium chlorite  NaClO(not sodium chloride the table salt) activated with a mild acid in this case, citric acid is a multi-tool for the battles against microorganisms.
In many cases you can use it also without the activator but the effect is slower. Test it on a bucket with Urine, and a 10 drops MMS. The smell will disappear.  MMS has been used for 70 years for disinfection in hospitals and surface disinfection, because its strong effect on  bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, worms and mildew in a gentle way and neutralizes toxins when washing surfaces with this.
The principle is easy: MMS combined with the activator will produce Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) in small amounts safe enough to kill the pathogens and leave the other cells intact.  It is also a chelation driving many toxins out of your body, but you need to replenish with minerals and vitamins because there is a good chance the chelation process is not selective. MMS is an oxidant, which is the opposite of an anti-oxidant and our body need both in balance, when you do MMS remember to take a brake of a day and replenish with a lot of good anti-oxidants like vit C. 

The formula of the activation if you use citric acid is:

In plain English: sodium chlorite + mild acid = chlorine dioxide, salt  and water. The Chlorine dioxide is unstable gas and will evaporate after oxidizing negative charged microbes which happen also to be pathogens. Positive charges microbes like the ones in your gut are not being harmed.

If you are traveling around the world and you are not sure of the water quality or the water is very polluted you just mix one drop of each MMS and ACTIVATOR and you have clean water. It is very simple and very very effective. In many countries it is being use in stead of Chlorine in municipal water cleaning: In Germany veterinarians are using it to treat infections in animals.

MMS is also being used to fight pathogens of the human body, in different situations and illnesses but clinical trials are still not accessible for most people and it is not being accepted as a medical treatment by neither governments nor -most – doctors. Though, very many MDs like Andreas Kalcker and friends, use it to treat their patients and patients around the world use it as a remedy – on their own risk. The man who found out about the effects of MMS and who is also responsible of the name, is Jim Humble

The bottle set you get will last for ages.

MMS2 or Calsium Hyypochlorite is a diferent chemical.  MMS2 is activated by water. When mixed with water, it turns into hypochlorous
acid, which has a long history of disinfecting and killing pathogens and healing wounds.
 Hypochlorous acid is also being produced by our own bodies.

I my self use both as disinfectants and as therapy. Read a lot and inform you self well before you start using any of them. I am not a doctor, I am a biologist and I am not suggesting anything but only quoting facts. The way you choose to use MMS and MMS2 is your own risk. A poison is classified as the highest dose which can harm, under this definition, water too can be a poison, so when handling MMS at doses as low as Jim Humble suggests is a safe way to go.

Look for Jim Humbles “protocols” different videos with Andreas Kalcker and others, be critical, don’t believe everything you want to believe, use common sense =)
Here er some studies to find, but invastigate-invastigate-invastigate!

WARNING: since both chemicals are very potent oxidants and very corrosive, handle it with extreme care and keep it far away from children. If you decide to test it orally keep in mind that neither the American FDA or any other European equivalent  state administration accepts its as drug fit for human consumption, though in Germany I have read that its allowed for veterinary use. Any kind of therapeutic use/treatment  is on your own responsibility.

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