Cellulite Eraser!

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I have tried it on me the last months  and despite my sedentary (unfortunately) lifestyle the last 6 months year, it has shaped my body pretty well back to normal improving the texture of the skin, by using it only a few times! Keep in mind that cellulite can also be an inflammation caused by microorganisms, but essential oils and massage oxygenate the skin and it has an effect in this case too.

I have also mixed in oils which control your appetite, because the skin absorbs the same way as your stomach does (without the enzymatic activity of the stomach)  so you get also an effect of those oils although your do not take them orally!

Ingredients:  Almond oil, Grapefruit ess.oil, Rosemary ess.oil, Lemon ess.oil, Peppermint ess.oil, Oregano ess.oil,
Thyme ess.oil, Orange ess.oil.

250 ml

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